Mental Reservation

Indie Rock Band from South Germany

Actually, the four band members come from different spheres of the music scene, even their influences come from all possible directions, which makes the joint work on their almost inexhaustible fund of new ideas so extremely exciting.

During their songwriting they focus themselves together on all these numerous musical phases, which have significantly shaped their childhood and youth to fit their existing dreams and desires into the blueprint of each current song.

Dreams and desires: these are exactly the forces that drive them onto new adventures with this very special relationship. And it is indeed a relationship – intense, reasonably honest and reliable with all its highs, lows, crises and successes.

Where the journey is heading to, none of them know, only that they would like to travel on for quite some time, there is still so much to discover – and most importantly, there are so many more of you out there who should make the acquaintance of this Indie-Rock-Band and their memorable name “mental reservation”.



Mental Reservation Berlin


Released: 2018


Released: 2012

Yesterday’s Snow

Released: 2010

What did you expect?

Released: 2008


Björn Kühlen

Björn Kühlen
Vocals & Guitar

Christian Müller

Christian Müller
Guitar & Vocals

Roland Schütz

Roland Schütz
Bass & Vocals

Peer Mönch

Peer Mönch
Drums & Vocals


Almost to the day a year ago today we asked you which of our songs we should release as our next single… Here it is: Wall Of Fame!