Yesterday’s Snow

Snow from yesterday?

Mental Reservation have managed yet again to explore new aspects of the so-called „Acoustic Alternative Rock“ genre with this second CD. The EP „What did you expect” had a raw and natural touch, but with their new album they have managed to create an enhanced  atmosphere using further instruments such as the cello and oboe for a more complete sound.

The listener can enjoy a varied selection of songs from rock with “In trance” and Indie with “Make me blind” to ballads such as “Another last chapter” or the melancholic “Under the willow tree” as well as pop songs like “Release me now” and “Sceptic”.

The CD is also eye-catching thanks to the British artist Jennifer Cussons who created a full-sized landscape painting with her interpretation of the title which has been used for the CD cover as well as her portrait sketches for the booklet.

Mental Reservation’s mixture of melancholic style and acoustic sound has become their musical signature. If you’re looking for calm melodies with a touch of suspense and atmospheric tension, Yesterday’s Snow is the perfect combination.


Our first music video “Kaleidoscope” tells a dark story…