A New Beginning – Change – Realization

These are just a few of the core themes of the songs by mental reservation on their new album “Berlin”. To give a unique touch to the new work of the South-Hessian Indie-Rock-band, and to capture the concentrated power of the songs, the four men have decided to take a whole new path and come out of their comfort zone.

They travelled to Berlin to take part in an intensive and exceptional collaboration with producer Steven Turek. With total focus on the new album it was necessary to contain overflowing creativity, to isolate the essence of the songs, and to add only the bare necessities without losing their vigour.

The result exceeds all expectations – “an album of singles”.

Songwriting, sound and production clearly reflect the fact that something unexpected happened with this band, something impressive…

Each of the nine tracks is undoubtedly something very special, no unnecessary idle moments, no fillers, but an energetic album, which drives in hard with the first track, bursting with energy, sustains that momentum whilst keeping a pleasant high feeling from song to song. This trip to Berlin concludes with a soulful ballad which is sure to have you wanting to restart the journey with the band from the first song, again and again.


Our official music video for the first single release “Goggles”.