What the fuzz?

With their second album Mental Reservation open a new chapter in every respect. Not only the sound of the band from Darmstadt has changed, but also the red thread of the album revolves around change and self-discovery. The new songs sound fresh and sophisticated and go straight to the ear.

In particular, the experiences and feelings of the last two years are processed. Sun, beach and sea are served by the exuberant summer hit “Wasting Time”. A few cynical side blows are given by the already popular catchy tune “Big Town” or the drivingly groovy “Stereo”. But also the reawakened memories of old carefree times are thematized, like in the thoughtfully melancholic “198” or the dark “The Ancient Dawn”, in between also very personal dramatic stories like “While the fire burns the planet turns”.

In addition, MR’s joy in experimenting has experienced a not-to-be-missed boost – even excursions into the Western & Country area are ventured, and borrowings from the areas of psychedelic and progressive are used.

In addition to the classical rock line-up with two guitars, bass and drums, cello, mandolin and some guest musicians can also be heard. Because of their handmade pop rock songs with a British touch, their indie rock is often attributed to Britpop. Parallels to Oasis, Keane, Snow Patrol and Coldplay are undeniable…


A short insight into our album “FUZZ”.