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Video: Festival Summer Open Air

For all folks, that don't want to wait for our CD release, watch our nice video medley. Thanks for that great mood!!!

Next One: Klosterfest 2017

The A-class-music-marathon -the Klosterfest 2017!

2 days Ahoi! 2 days the best atmosphere in the beautiful Black Forest, 2 days best food and drinks, 2 days the best music to celebrate, chill and participate!

Next One: Wake Up! Liederbach 2017

When will we wake up again?" - here's the answer:


The terrace is shaking!

Do you belong to the lucky ones who could still get a bracelet - then rejoice!!!
Tomorrow the sold-out "Terrace-Festival" will rise for the third time - and the organizer promises already:
it's going to be epic!

FIRST STOP 2017! Frankfurt a.M.!!!



So-ho-ho - we will leave 2016 behind us and look forward to 2017 at the same time…and there are definitely some exciting things ahead of us – first of all the release of our new sensational album! And then we would love to play and perform and play and perform over and over again…

While we it was f…reezing cold outside we’ve plaid our annual "MR-Advent-Special" in the cozy chubby-warm "Kulturmetzgerei" this year - as a small gift before Christmas we serve you the live performance of one of our brand new songs – so merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from all of us to all of you - see you next year again:

Next Action: Some Advent-Slaughtering!


MR on air! Exclusive single presentation!

Tonight (18-20 o'clock) the radio station "Radar Radio" brings a "Darmstadt Special".

And of course we are in it - the playlist already includes the impatiently waiting single of our soon to be released new album... listen, join it and be one of the first ones!

Stream capture? Here you go: http://www.radarradio.finestnoise.de/hoeren.html

MR feat. sports!

MR- Sporty DoubleFeature:
Triathlons & Tennis!

Next Stop! Klosterfest 2016!!!

Just 2 more weeks, then we have again 2 complete days with music, party and vodka-Ahoi from morning to evening with "Darmstadt best looking IndieRock-band in the world" on the streets of Bad Herrenalb...